Jasníkova studánka (Jasník's Well) - Kopřivnice - The Lachian gate of Beskydy - Koprivnice, Stramberk, Pribor, Hukvaldy

Jasníkova studánka (Jasník's Well) (Kopřivnice)

Jasník's Well (415 MAMSL) - The small river Kopřivnička diverts water from the hills from numerous sources. Adolf Jasník, a dreamer and poet, sat at the source of one of the unnamed tributaries of the river. Fascinated by the beautiful local countryside, he wrote his poems - in a beautiful place with an abundance of flowers and butterflies. Jasník's well was built in the years 1933 to 1934, in the place where a source of groundwater springs from the slope.

The valley of the creek was named Butterfly Valley by The Club of Czechoslovak Tourists in the 1930s. A large number of butterflies occurred on plants that abundantly flowered in the then young broad-leaved forest and on the edges of clearings. Today, mostly plants that like moisture and shade grow there. In the continuation of the Butterfly Valley, in a place called Zahura (there used to be a settlement there under Šostýn Castle), there are four karst depressions, the largest of them has a diameter of 3 meters. According to witnesses, this depression used to be about 10 meters deep and was filled with water. Now, you can find a periodic well in these places, which spouts water in rainy weather. Perhaps it is connected with underground spaces, as is Jasník's well.