27. - 28. 4. 2018  (The Catholic HouseThe Cultural House in Kopřivnice)

A showcase of non-traditional (alternative and experimental) theatres with additional programme - concerts, photographic exhibitions and similar events (31th anniversary)


Beskyd Model Kit Show

5. - 6. 5. 2018 (The Cultural House in Kopřivnice)

International exhibition of scale models combined with scale modelling competitions, a sales exhibition of scale model companies, a second hand scale model shop and other accompanying programmes (21th annual)


The Venus of Šostýn

2. 6. 2018

A festival presenting a wide scale of dance styles - oriental, modern, street, flamenco and others with a rich accompanying programme for both children and adults.


Kopřivnice Technique Days

9. - 10. 6. 2018

A unique interactive parade of various technological equipment - cargo vehicles, fire trucks, cranes, tractors, construction as well as agricultural machinery – and a presentation of companies and educational institutions in the technical field; all that within the breath-taking vicinity of a test track - theTatra vehicle manufacturer polygon. The purpose of this event is to raise affection for technology and interesting technical fields, namely in young people and children, in a relaxed manner. There will also be an accompanying cultural programme.


European Day of Music

22. 6. 2018 (in the centre of Kopřivnice)

A musical event with live bands in the open air right in the city centre.


The Kopřivnice Crusher

14. 7. 2018

A semi-orienteering non-competitive hobby marathon of mountain bikes for lovers of Beskydy and long rides.


Ancient Fair

25. 8. 2018

Demonstrations of ancient crafts, home-made and hand-made products, a historical carousel and a thematic cultural programme in the Edvard Beneš Gardens.


Bartholomew Night

25. 8. 2018 (in the centre of Kopřivnice)

Musical programme in the city centre on the night before the Kopřivnice fair.


Kopřivnice Fair

25.-26. 8. 2018 (in the centre of Kopřivnice)

Traditional fair attractions and stalls in the city centre.


A Run through the Birthplace of Emil Zátopek

22. 9. 2018 (in the centre of Kopřivnice)

A running race dedicated to the heritage of the famous athlete Emil Zátopek. It takes place regularly on the Saturday closest to the date of 9 September, when Emil as well as his wife were born in the year 1922. The race starts in Zatopek’s native village Kopřivnice and is run in the length of 22.3 kilometres to the Little Wooden Town in the Wallachian Open Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, where Emil Zátopek was buried on the Wallachian Slavín. Mrs. Dana Zátopková, under the supervision of the Czech Olympic Team and Czech Olympic Committee members, takes care of the starting signal every year.


The Climb to Mount Everest

6. - 7. 10. 2018

A two-day event during which participants will conquer the elevation of 8,848 metres within 39 climbs. The aim is to climb the highest mountain of the world by repeatedly climbing the Kopřivnice slope on Červený kámen. The event is complemented by an additional programme - a contest for the tireless Sherpa or rope activities.


Tatra Dancing Contest (52th annual)

3. 11. 2018 (The Cultural House in Kopřivnice)

A level A dancing competition in ballroom and Latin American dances of adult couples.


The Little Butterfly

9.-10. 11. 2018 (The Cultural House in Kopřivnice)

A parade of singing, dance and dramatic work of handicapped children and youth.




The Carnival

3. 2. 2018

A carnival procession through the municipality. Sale of home-made pig-sticking specialities and a carnival menu.


The Štramberk Amatuer Theatre Festival

9. 3. - 13. 4. 2018

A showcase of performances organised by the Theatre ensemble Divadlo Pod Věží from Štramberk.


The Night of Museums


Evening visits of Trúba Tower, the Zdeněk Burian Museum, the City Gallery with an accompanying programme.


Meeting with History


Swordsmen, a fire show, fairy tales for children.


The Štramberk Fair

12.-13. 5. 2018 (in the centre of Štramberk)


The Night of Churches

25. 5. 2018

Evening sightseeing of churches with an accompanying programme.

Evangelical chapel in Štramberk, the Church of St. Catherine or the Church of St. Jan Nepomucký


The Days of the City of Štramberk

16. 6. 2018 (the Štramberk square)

City festivities with a fair and rich cultural programme.


„Štramberské krpál“ (the Štramberk Hill)

 (the Štramberk square)

A parade of brass-band music with non-traditional competitive uphill marching.


The Promenade Concert


Regular summer concerts in the National Gardens.


The Goulash Festivities

29. 9. 2018

A competitive tournament for the best goulash.


Swordsmen Tournament

1. 9. 2018

Entertaining programme with an ancient fair.


European Heritage Days

8. - 9. 9. 2018

A possibility to visit Štramberk’s sights for free. Accompanying cultural programme.


Firefighters Competition in Running up the Stairs into the Štramberk Trúba Tower


An extreme competition of volunteer fire department members and professional firefighters in the TFA (Toughest Firefighter Alive) disciplines.




The Valentine’s Fair

11. 2. 2018

The traditional fair atmosphere by the St. Valentine’s Church with stalls of handy craftsmen and a chance to taste local delicacies – cookies, gingerbread, “šifle” (ancient honey pastry), nuts, pig-sticking delicacies – and have some “vařonka” (warm sweet liquor), mull or hot tea to go with the food. All that accompanied by contemporary music as well as a children’s programme.


The Carnival

13. 2. 2018

A carnival procession through the municipality. Sale of home-made pig-sticking specialities and a carnival menu.


Opening of Piarist´s gardens

1. 4. 2018

The ceremonial opening of gardens with accompanying program.


The Traditional Fair of Příbor

8.-9. 9. 2018 (the Příbor square)

A traditional fair full of market men offering various goods and also a number of attractions for both children and adults.


European Heritage Days

15. 9. 2018

A possibility to visit sights in Příbor for free. Additional cultural events.




Vallachian rally

23. - 25. 3. 2018

Traditional event full of racing cars in region of Wallachia.


On the Overgrown Path

12. 5. 2018

A traditional fifteen-kilometre spring walk through Hukvaldy countryside is named after Leoš Janáček’s piano cycle. It is also popular for its additional programme along the way.


The Janáček’s Hukvaldy Festival 

21. 5. - 1. 7. 2018

The international musical festival takes place in the Hukvaldy Castle premises and the adjacent park. Most of the concerts and performances take place in the open air. The first year of the festival took place in the year 1994 on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of Leoš Janáček’s birth. The initial idea of the festival founders was to present the work of this famous native of Hukvaldy and also to connect dramatic art with music. Thanks to this idea, premieres of influential opera pieces, but also little musical jewels which are rarely presented in major opera halls, took place within this festival.


On the Overgrown Path – through the Fallen Leaves

20. 10. 2018

An autumn variety of the fifteen-kilometre spring walk through the Hukvaldy countryside with an accompanying programme along the way.


Andrew’s Fair

2. 12. 2018

The last opportunity in the calendar year to visit the Hukvaldy Castle, where a mass takes place in the Chapel of St. Andrew in the morning. Typical pre-Christmas refreshments are prepared in the area of the castle. In the centre of the community, an unorganised stall sale takes place.