From Kopřivnice to White Mountain - Kopřivnice - The Lachian gate of Beskydy - Koprivnice, Stramberk, Pribor, Hukvaldy

From Kopřivnice to White Mountain (Kopřivnice)

TYPE: walking trip, trip with small children


parking on Alšova street near The Reeve’s House (Fojtství) Museum


STARTING POINT: parking on Alšova street near The Reeve’s House (Fojtství) Museum (0 km) – (A) The Reeve’s House (Fojtství) Museum (170 m) – (B) Váňův kámen (Váňa's Stone) (1 km) – (C) Viewing Tower on White Mountain (1,9 km) – (D) Kamenárka (2,6 km) – (E) Botanical Garden (3,1 km) – FINISHING POINT: parking on Alšova street near The Reeve’s House (Fojtství) Museum (4,3 km)

The trip circuit will take you for example to The Reeve's House (Fojtství) Museum in Kopřivnice, the Váňa's Stone natural monument, the Viewing Tower on White Mountain, the natural monument Kamenárka and the Botanical Garden.

slightly demanding

Length  4,3 km

Ascent  210 m

Descent  210 m


blue hiking trail sign educational trail markings Without markings

Inappropriate with a stroller (for a trip with a stroller, see the route to White Mountain with a baby stroller). Length: ca. 4.2 km, the distance from the parking lot to the mountain top is about 1.8 km and the elevation gain is about 210 m.






Before the trip, you can visit The Reeve's House (Fojtství) Museum, which is located about 170 meters from the parking area towards the town center on Záhumenní street. On the way to White Mountain, the blue tourist sign will help with orientation, respectively the sign for the nature trail that turns from Záhumenní street on to Duhová street. Before you reach the top of White Mountains to the Viewing Tower, you meet a natural attraction on your way - Váňa's Stone.


From the lookout go down along the nature trail, at the crossroads of the Virgin Mary descend further around the so called Horní Kamenárka to the gate of the Botanic Garden.


If the gate is open, go further through it to the bottom gate (the left path is for those who are not afraid of heights, the right path for others). At the bottom of the gate join the mark and follow it down the hill. If the upper gate is closed, follow the signs the whole way.


At the Botanical Garden tourist guidepost, turn left to Kopřivnice. After a few dozen meter the asphalt road turns right, but you turn onto a beaten path, that takes you through a meadow up to Záhumenní street and the parking lot, from where you came (unmarked route in the field).