Leoš Janáček through the eyes of children - Hukvaldy - The Lachian gate of Beskydy - Koprivnice, Stramberk, Pribor, Hukvaldy

Leoš Janáček through the eyes of children (Hukvaldy)

TYPE: walking trip


Center of Hukvaldy, Information Center, Birthplace of Leoš Janáček


STARTING POINT: Center of Hukvaldy, Information Center, Birthplace of Leoš Janáček (0 km) – (A) Vrchy (3 km) – (B) Microbrewery (4 km) – (C) 'Outdoor swimming pool' (5 km) – (D) Janáček’s bench (6 km) – (E) Janáček's house (7,5 km) – FINISHING POINT: Center of Hukvaldy, Information Center, Birthplace of Leoš Janáček (8 km)

The nature trail has thirteen stops with information boards and two acoustic interactive game elements. There are several rest areas on the route, equipped with wooden benches and bicycle racks.

slightly demanding

Length  8 km

Ascent  160 m

Descent  160 m



footpath, paved road, asphalt road






From the information center in Hukvaldy (the former school and the birthplace of Leoš Janáček), you follow the local marking hiking trail signs (yellow-and-white square) around St. Maxmilian Church, where the seating area is restored. Leoš Janáček met with his friends in Kroužka under the locust trees there.

You continue through the Hukvaldy "square" along the way to the cemetery where there is another stop. Here, in the cemetery, you can see the grave of the parents of the composer Leoš Janáček.

You will reach the junction near the pond along the way – turn left and walk through Horni Sklenov. After about 200 meters, you turn right and after another 50 meters turn left and get to the field path that leads you to the well with the bell tower. The field path then leads us to a hunting tree stand, where you turn sharply to the right and after about 300 meters you come to a stop called Korýtka. Here you can rest on the bench, refresh yourself with some fresh spring water and even play on the xylophone, which has eight tones and is tuned to the key of C.

Rested and refreshed, you can set off along the trail around a small water treatment plant, turn right onto the field road and ascend to Vrchy (424 m above sea level) (A). Beautiful views of the nearby and surrounding area can be seen from the top. During good visibility, it is possible to see Praděd Mountain, Lysá hora, Javorník, Klímkovice Spa, White Mountain Observation Tower, Mošnov Airport and Oderské vrchy – viewpoints with photomaps and peak descriptions can be used for good orientation. You can also ring the bell in the bell tower built by Hukvaldy tourists.

You continue through the traversealong the meadow path from the hill and after about 300 meters you turn right. Head over the small bridge (above the former millstream) to the local brewery, to the Inn at the stop (B). Here you can taste the local Hukvaldy beer.

From the brewery, head across the street to the next stop, to the statue of St. Nepomuk by the Ondřejnice River. Along the newly built road designated for cyclists and pedestrians, you set out along the river upstream around the low head dam with a resting place to the next stop in Lipi. You cross the Ondřejnice River over the bridge and along its second bank, on a paved road, you will come to another resting spot at the low head dam, called the Stonehenge of Hukvaldy. The loosely placed stones are symbolically associated with the work of Leoš Janáček. The second acoustic interactive element can be found there, the so-called dendrophone. It is composed of nine poles of different woods, each pole produces a different sound after striking.

You leave this place and after 200 meters you will find yourself at the next stop at "the Swimming pool" grounds (C) . You can get some refreshment there in the "stylish" pub.

Head to the cottage grounds along the newly built stairs, walk along the asphalt road and at the end, near the ski lift, turn right and go up in a steep climb.

After 300 meters, you follow the forest footpath that leads you to the next stop, Janáčkova lavička (Janáček’s bench) (D). This place is the highest point on the nature trail route. You can relax here after the strenuous climb.

After a rest, you head to the trail signs crossroads. Here you go downhill and after 50 meters you continue to the left by a traversing walkway to the forest path above Podlesí. There you continue to the right through the sunken forest lane to the cottage grounds in Podlesí, to the next stop dedicated to the local native, academic painter J. V. Sládek, who lived and painted there.

You then head to the bridge over the Ondřejnice River along the asphalt road. Cross the main road and you will come to the monument of Leoš Janáček (the house of Leoš Janáček) (E), where the last stop of the nature trail is located. From there it is only about 300 meters to the information center in Hukvaldy, where the nature trail ends.