The views from Rybí - okolí - The Lachian gate of Beskydy - Koprivnice, Stramberk, Pribor, Hukvaldy

The views from Rybí (okolí)

TYPE: walking trip


Rybí, the Gymnasium

Transport to the starting point:
- bus (Rybí, Upper)
- car (Rybí, gymnasium)


STARTING POINT: Rybí, the Gymnasium (0 km) – (A) Libhošťská hůrka (Hill) (2 km) – (B) Závišice (4 km) – (C) Štramberk, Pod Bílou horou – tourist fork (8,5 km) – (D) Štramberk, National Park – tourist fork (9.5 km) – (E) Libotín, koupaliště/the swimming pool – tourist fork (12 km) – (F) Libotínka, the water falls (14.5 km) – (G) Libotín – tourist fork (19 km) – (H) Holivák – tourist fork (23 km) – FINISHING POINT: Rybí, the Gymnasium (24,6 km)
very challenging

Length  24,6 km

Ascent  761 m

Descent  761 m


yellow hiking trail sign red hiking trail sign blue hiking trail sign


forest path, forest road, dirt road, paved road, asphalt road, street






Štramberk Castle - Trúba (1)


This is the route of a traditional annual tourist march. In areas where the route does not lead along normal hiking trails, this route is marked with the one-way sign:

The route starts at the gymnasium in the village of Rybí. Go to the main road and turn left to Nový Jičín. Go about 300 meters along the road to the end of the village and after the last house turn right and follow the dirt road to the forest and climb to the top of Libhošťská hůrka. Continue along the ridge. The trail starts to descend and you will approach the center of Závišice, where you will find the road leading to Sedlnice. Turn left and after 200 meters turn right at the store and go over the bridge (behind the bridge on the left is the U Kremlů pub). Keep going uphill out of the village. After about a kilometer, you walk perpendicular to the road on which you turn right. After 300 meters, cross the main road between Kopřivnice and Nový Jičín and continue between the houses by a dirt road to Štramberk. After about 3 kilometers you will reach K Očnímu Street. Turn left and after 200 meters turn right and follow the path along the slope of the White Mountain to where the trail meets the tourist sign . Follow it up to the tourist signpost "Pod Bílou horou".

From there you can reach Jaroňková Street to the Štramberk Castle grounds. You can refresh yourself there or in the square to which you can descend on the stairs. From the square, the route continues along the trail marking , or  to the gate of the National Orchard and further along the trail marking  to the foot of Kotouč, around the Štramberk swimming pool to the area called Libotín. At the tourist signpost "Libotínské údolí", the route leaves the trail marking  and continues to the left along the trail marking .

After 600 meters through the forest path, turn left. After another 200 meters, there is a forest structure. From there, the route continues along the forest path above Libotínka Stream with a 3-meter high waterfall. After 800 meters, the footpath meets the forest road on which you turn right. Follow the signs that will lead you along forest paths and walkways after about 2.5 kilometers to where the trail meets the trail marking . Turn right and follow the tourist signs. At the tourist signpost "Libotín" continue to the left in the green marking. But after 600 meters, the green turns down to the left but you continue along the trail marking . The trail marking will take you to the U Kříže spring and across the meadows around Puntík Peak to the tourist signpost "Holivák". From there, the official route of the march leads down the slope to the development of the village of Rybí (but it is also possible to follow the  trail marking or the asphalt road). Refreshments are available at the beginning of the built-up area of the village, it is only about 600 meters to the target destination from it along the alleys between the houses.

TOP point of interest along the route: The Štramberk City Conservation Area - the historical center of the city, the square with burgher houses in the Baroque and Classicist styles and the surrounding Wallachian timbered cottages were declared a city conservation area in 1969.

Other interesting places on the route:  The route also passes through the less known but pleasant landscape of the Libotín Hills with beautiful views.