Roaming through Štramberk - Štramberk - The Lachian gate of Beskydy - Koprivnice, Stramberk, Pribor, Hukvaldy

Roaming through Štramberk (Štramberk)

TYPE: walking trip



Parking lot at the Botanical Garden (free parking)


STARTING POINT: Trailhead (0 km) – (A) The upper gate – (B) At Virgin Mary – (C) Bílá hora Crossroads – (D) Štramberk Castle – (E) Square – (F) Information Centre – (G) Národní sad Crossroads (Prosek Restaurant) – FINISHING POINT: Trailhead (4 km)

Botanical garden - Viewing Tower on White Mountain - Štramberk Castle - Square - Botanical garden

slightly demanding

Length  4 km

Ascent  183 m

Descent  183 m


educational trail markings

With a baby stroller only for those more physically fit.




The route begins at the Botanical garden (A). Visitation of the garden itself is worth your time. If it is open, pass through the area up to the upper gate (B). Here you can join the Lachian nature trail route (LNT), which can help you with orientation (in the event that the garden is closed, follow the signs of the LNT straight from the parking lot). Ascend along the former quarry – the natural attraction Kamenárka to the point where the view of Štramberk and Trúba tower , to the statue of the Virgin Mary (C) opens up before you. From here, you can descend directly to Štramberk (recommended with a baby stroller - see the route), but when the visibility is good, it is better to climb along the route of the LNT to the viewing tower on White Mountain (Bílá hora) (if you would like to go White Mountain with a baby stroller, see the description of the White Mountain route with a stroller).

The signpost for the LNT is just over the mountain top. Turn left here, in the direction of Štramberk. A forest path will lead you to the tourist crossroads (White Mountain) (D). Go further along Jaroňkova street through the gate into the castle with the viewing tower - Trúba (E). Public toilets are located in the Dr. Hrstka cottage.

Once you’ve taken in enough of the beauty of this place, go down the stairs to Štramberk Square (E), where you can smell the scent of the well-known Štramberk Ears. On the square you can also find the Zdeněk Burian Museum, the Aqua Terra and  The Information Center (IC).  

Šipka Museum is on the left hand side (under Novojičínska Museum), a little below it in the direction of Záuličí Street (G). You have already traveled about three kilometers. You can return to the car if you go left from the museum on Zauliči Street. The one-way street begins at the restaurant Prosek (H). If you look down the side street you will see a gate with the inscription Národní sad (National Garden). If you wish, you can visit Šipka Cave. There is a public toilet near the gate. The route to the cave is labeled (the length is about 400 meters and back). If you go along the one-way street, you\'ll come to a place where Zauličí Street disconnects from Hraničky Street. This street will lead you up to the crossroads under the Botanical garden, which you park near (A). The length of the route without detour is about 4 km.

If you have more time and energy, you can extend your trip route. (The route is not suitable for baby strollers). Do not turn left at Šipka Museum, but continue along the LNT route on Horní Bašta Street (one of the most typical streets of the town). The LNT route takes you through Plaňava on top of Kotouč Hill, to Šipka Cave and into the National Garden. And then back to your car. This whole route is about 6 km long and it is the entire route of the LNT, but in the opposite direction.



Through Botanical Garden (if the Botanical garden is open, pass through the area up to the upper gate)

SIGN: Without markings

slightly demanding

Length  600 m

Elevation  31 m

Ascent  31 m

Descent  0 m

SURFACE: footpath


In the event that the garden is closed

SIGN: educational trail markings

slightly demanding

Length  400 m

Elevation  38 m

Ascent  36 m

Descent  2 m

SURFACE: asphalt road


Natural attraction Kamenárka - Statue of the Virgin Mary - Viewing tower on White Mountain (Bílá hora) - Štramberk Castle

SIGN: educational trail markings

moderately challenging

Length  2 km

Elevation  116 m

Ascent  102 m

Descent  99 m

SURFACE: footpath, forest path, street


Down the stairs to Štramberk Square (Information Centre)

SIGN: educational trail markings

slightly demanding

Length  250 m

Elevation  46 m

Ascent  0 m

Descent  46 m

SURFACE: street, staircase


Information Centre (Zauličí St.) - Národní sad Crossroads - Trailhead (parking lot at the Botanical Garden)

SIGN: yellow hiking trail sign blue hiking trail sign educational trail markings


Length  1,1 km

Elevation  28 m

Ascent  28 m

Descent  10 m

SURFACE: street

The excursion circuit uses the Štramberk branch of the Lachian nature trail, which is labeled with a sign for nature trails.