Educational trail of the urban conservation area - Příbor - The Lachian gate of Beskydy - Koprivnice, Stramberk, Pribor, Hukvaldy

Educational trail of the urban conservation area (Příbor)

TYPE: walking trip, walking trip - suitable with a baby stroller


Sigmund Freud Square (nearby parking is on Čs. armády street at the Parental Home of Sigmund Freud, near Penny Market or behind the shop Jednota - COOP)



STARTING POINT: (0 km) – (A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F)FINISHING POINT: (2 km)

The historic town center was declared the Příbor urban conservation area April 19, 1989. Příbor has a total of 64 cultural monuments listed in the Central list of cultural monuments, 55 of them are located within the urban conservation area. The most important monuments are the Piarist Monastery, the Parental Home of Sigmund Freud, the Parish Church of the Virgin Mary Birth with its surroundings, the Church of St. Valentine, the Church of the Holy Cross, the town hall and individual townhouses.


Length  2 km

Ascent  21 m

Descent  21 m


Without markings



Easy hiking, the route can be completed on a bike, with a baby stroller or in a wheelchair, assuming that you use an alternative route in the stretch of the Church of the Holy Cross and the Church of St. František).


A walk through the urban conservation area begins in the square at the information panel with an audio guide.

Stop No. 1 – Sigmund Freud Square

After visiting the square, go along Jičínská street next to the Town Hall. On the right side at the intersection with Karel Čapek street, is stop No. 2.

 Stop No. 2 – Sigmund Freud Memorial

From the Memorial continue along Zámečnická street through the market and parking lot to the next stop house No. 117.

Stop No. 3 – Parental home of Sigmund Freud

From the parental home, go further down Freud street to the intersection with Nádražní street. On the right there is a small site with the statue of St. John of Nepomuk from 1730. The original statue is kept in the Church of the Holy Cross. It is worth noticing house no. 685, where the Fluss draper factory was in the years 1864-1923. Continue along Nádražní street toward the square and at the next crossing turn onto Řehoř Volný street. This street will take you to the church of the Virgin Mary Birth.

Stop No. 4 – Church of the Virgin Mary Birth

From the gate of the church continue along the wall to house No. 354, where the first school in Příbor was, which John Sarkander also attended. Behind it turn left on the street V kopci and descend it to the intersection with Karel Hynek Mácha street. On the left you will see the Church of the Holy Cross.

Stop No. 5 – Church of the Holy Cross


Looking at the church on the left side there are stairs to Úzká street, go up them. At the next crossroad turn left down Kašnice street. Overcome Místecká street and begin to climb uphill along Křivá Street. Stairs will lead you up to the old cemetery.

Alternative wheelchair accessible route 

For wheelchair access (or by bike, or with a stroller) go from the Church of the Holy Cross straight over Místecká street to turnoff on Křivá street. Along it, go up Juráňova street where the gate to the cemetery is on the left side.

Stop No. 6 – Church of St. František Serafínský

After visiting the cemetery and the church, exit the gate at Juráňova street and turn left. There is a new cemetery on Ostravská Street. Cross the road and go left along the cemetery wall up to the turnoff. Here Hřbitovní street begins. After 100 meters there is a parking lot and also a park on the left side, continue through the park around the amphitheater and playground to the entrance to the park at the Cultural house. Go right here on Lidická street and left at the next intersection. The Piarist college begins on the left side, farther to the right there is the Church of St. Valentine and in front of you behind the intersection there is the building of the Masaryk Gymnasium. The facade of the gymnasium is decorated with statues by František Úprka, that represent chemistry, architecture, mechanical and civil engineering. A monument of T. G. Masaryk stands in front of the building. In 1907, Masaryk received the parliamentary candidacy in 13 towns in northeastern Moravia, including Příbor and he also visited Příbor several times. Masaryk is also an honorary citizen of the town.

Stop No. 7 – Church of St. Valentine

Stop No. 8 – Piaristic monastery

Here our trip basically ends. From the crossroads at Masaryk gymnasium, it is just a short walk along Jičínská street back to the square, where your trip started.