P17) Parking lot – Kadláčkova and ČSA Street, Komerční banka (Kopřivnice)

Description: The parking lot is located close to the center next to Komerční banka.

Designated for: passenger cars (motorcycles)

30 unrestricted parking spaces,
3 parking spaces for people with limited mobility,
8 parking spaces reserved for Komerční banka.

It is also possible to park on the nearby former handball court, where there is a capacity of 31 parking spaces, until cancellation. 

Distance to points of interest:
Technical Museum Tatra: about 325 m (about 5 minutes)
Cultural House / Information Center: about 390 m (about 6 minutes) – a public WC is nearby
Oldtimer Museum: about 450 m (approximately 9 minutes)
Lašské Museum: about 810 m (about 14 minutes) – near the public WC
(The average walking speed is used for time data.)