P09) Parking lot – Husova, Kachlovka Street - Kopřivnice - The Lachian gate of Beskydy - Koprivnice, Stramberk, Pribor, Hukvaldy

P09) Parking lot – Husova, Kachlovka Street (Kopřivnice)

Description: Partially charged car parking lot near the polyclinic, winter stadium, train station and Lachian Museum.

Designated for: passenger cars without trailers (motorcycles)

Distance to points of interest:
Lachian Museum is about 210 m (approx. 3 minutes) – near the public WC
Cultural House / Information Center: about 600 m (about 9 minutes) – a public WC is nearby
Technical Museum Tatra: about 690 m (about 10 minutes)
Oldtimer Museum: about 950 m (approximately 15 minutes)
Reeve’s House Museum: about 1.2 km (approx. 20 minutes)
Šostýn Castle ruins 1.5 m (about 35 minutes)
Bezruč’s outlook: 1.8 m (about 42 minutes)
(The average walking speed is used for time data.)

2 reserved parking space for persons with limited mobility
39 partially charged for parking spaces

Parking fee: 
Parking is free up to 60 minutes from entry, the next hour is 10 CZK. 
On Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and business days from 5:01 pm to 6:59 am the parking is not charged for, but the barrier system is in operation. The customer enters into and out of the parking lot on the basis of a parking ticket.
All kinds of standard payment cards can be used for payment.

Operates: Slumeko, s. r. o.