Parking and Public restrooms in Štramberk (WC)

Parking in Štramberk is considerably restricted. Therefore, if you want to avoid a penalty, use only official parking spaces for parking! Especially the main park-and-ride lot, which is about 850 meters away from the square. You turn into it from the one-way Záuličí Street. It is the first parking lot on the way from Kopřivnice and is marked with the signs "Záchytné parkoviště" or "Central". On the way from Nový Jičín, you have to pass through the city center and turn right on a one-way street in the direction of Nový Jičín.

Close to the main parking lot near the center there is also a small parking lot at the elementary school - on Záuličí Street. It is also a good starting point for a walk through the National Orchard and toward Šipka Cave. There is a parking lot reserved for buses directly along Záuličí Street opposite the Sokol gymnasium.

Another park-and-ride lot is located next to the former health facility on K Očnímu Street, which leads from Štramberk (a short distance above the Dallas restaurant) to Kopřivnice (to Bubla City Ranch) and connects to the main access roads from Nový Jičín. It is about 920 meters away from the square. It is also a good starting point for ascending the Lookout Tower on White Mountain.

A small unpaid parking lot is located by the botanical garden. It is also a good starting point for ascending the Lookout Tower on White Mountain and generally for walking along the Štramberk branch of the Lašské nature trail. You can reach the parking lot from Hraničky Street. The turn-off is marked with tourist traffic signs. The square is about 1.1 km away on the road around Kamenárka and the linden tree at the Statue of the Virgin Mary.

We should also mention for the sake of completeness that the parking lot at Libotín swimming pool is also charged for during the summer months.