Circular ticket with sightseeing to the Kopřivnice exhibitions - Kopřivnice - The Lachian gate of Beskydy - Koprivnice, Stramberk, Pribor, Hukvaldy

Circular ticket with sightseeing to the Kopřivnice exhibitions (Kopřivnice)

TYPE: walking trip, walking trip - suitable with a baby stroller


Tatra Technical Museum


STARTING POINT: Tatra Technical Museum (0 km) – (A) Lachian Museum in Šustala's villa – (B)(C) Museum Fojtství (Reeve’s House) – FINISHING POINT: Tatra Technical Museum (3 km)

The sightseeing ticket allows you discounted admission to all objects of the Regional Museum in Kopřivnice. You can use a car, but the route can be explored on foot. The trip can start at any place and it's up to you which direction you choose. But beware of Kopřivnice parking system and parking time limits downtown.



Length  3 km

Ascent  29 m

Descent  29 m


Without markings


street, path for pedestrians and cyclists, park







From the TATRA Technical Museum to The Bailiff’s House Museum (ca. 1.5 km)
If you take the route from the Technical Museum, first you will reach the information center. From it on the right, there is a bicycle path "Kopřivnička", which winds up river, as indicated by its name, up to the old cemetery, which is adjacent to the Bailiff’s House Museum building (the bicycle path is paved with red interlocking pavers). At the intersection with Erben street you come across the blue tourist sign and the nature trail sign. This will lead you directly to the museum.


From The Bailiff’s House Museum to the Lachian Museum in Šustala's villa (ca. 1.3 km)
From the museum, go along the nature trail route, back along the bicycle path "Kopřivnička" to Erben street, here go right to the Church of St. Bartholomew. On Štramberská street turn left and go straight down this street over the roundabout up to the Park of dr. Beneš, where the public toilets are and behind them you will find Šustala's villa with the museum.


From Šustala's villa to the Tatra Technical Museum (ca. 500 m)
Description: From the villa (when standing with your back to it) to the Technical Museum, go through the park to Stefánikova street (right behind the intersection with Kpt. Jaroš street at the parking lot, there is the tall town hall building ). Further along- perpendicular to the Town Hall - the pedestrian zone starts. And there you can already see the Culture house of with the Information center and the Tatra Technical Museum is on its other side.