Behind the magical spring and ancient volcano (Příbor)

TYPE: walking trip, bicycle trip


Příbor, railway station

Transport to the starting point: Train, bus, car (Příbor, railway station)



STARTING POINT: Příbor, railway station (0 km) – (A) Birthplace of Sigmund Freud – (B) Piarist Garden (0,65 km) – (C) Chapel of St. Jan Sarkander with Sarkanderka Spring, Prchalov (3,1 km) – (D) Hončova hůrka, Skotnice (5,2 km) – FINISHING POINT: Příbor, railway station (9,2 km)


Exit the Příbor train station on Frenštátská Street, after 280 meters turn right onto Československé armády street. When you see the parking lot in front of you, there will be a yellow house with a wooden fence on your right, that is Sigmund Freud's Birth House. Continue straight across Jičínská Street. There are public toilets next to the information center.

There is also access to the Piarist gardens there. If the gardens are open, go through them to the west exit of the gardens, otherwise go straight ahead and turn left onto Lidicka. At the headquarters of the Police of the Czech Republic opposite the gymnasium, continue straight ahead until you reach the underpass under the D48 motorway. Use it and continue to the edge of the village of Prchalov. Turn right and continue straight across the railway crossing to the intersection. Turn right there and walk about 330 meters to the Chapel of St. Jan Sarkander with Sarkanderka Spring, which is shrouded in legend.

Return from the chapel back to the intersection where you came from and head right to the main road no. I / 58. Be careful, there is heavy traffic there. Cross to the other side and go left along the sidewalk by the road. After 75 meters, turn right off the main road and right again to the Lubina River and turn left at it. The walkway around the river will take you to the bridge over the Lubina, follow it and continue to the crossroads where you go left. The road will climb uphill with a left turn and after it there will be a turn into a field with prohibited entry. Follow the dirt road up the hill. After about 150 meters you will reach Hončova hůrka.

From there, head back to the asphalt road and further left to the junction where you came from. Continue on it to the left. Cycling routes no. 6039 and PG01 – Radhošť Trail (Radegast symbol) go the same way. Continue along the asphalt road that will turn into ulici 9. května Street. Just before you pass the D48 motorway, there is a restaurant called U Čápa on your right, where you can refresh yourself. The route continues along 9. května Street to the crossing with Místecká Street. Cross this busy street safely and continue straight on Rudoarmějci Embankment to the bridge over the Lubina, on the other side of which is the Příbor train station.  


TOP point of interest along the route: A significant mineralogical locality Hončova hůrka is a remnant of the former volcanic activity, local people mined stone there while also looking for semi-precious stones and minerals.

Other interesting places on the route: Birthplace of Sigmund Freud, Piarist Garden, Chapel of St. Jan Sarkander with Sarkanderka Spring