Ridge of Brdy (Kopřivnice)

Ridge of Brdy

Ridge of Brdy (485 MAMSL) - If you could go back to the Mesozoic era, you would find a sea at this place... Back then, in a deep-sea basin hundreds of kilometers south to southeast from here, today's surrounding rocks were just settling. Sea surf eroded Jurassic limestones on a remote coast. Boulders slid into the depths of the sea, where they mixed with mud and sand. And then the ground began to move in the Tertiary and rolled up these deposits here. Thus Chlebovická conglomerates arose. Limestone was quarried in small peasant quarries, from which only remnants of pits were preserved. The biggest of them "Novosadová", which used to be flooded with water, has a diameter of 15 meters. Field lime kilns used to be at the point, where the ridge of Brdy passes in the Pískovna massif to Záhuří. Even in the second half of the 19th century, Zahuří was treeless and there were small fields of Kopřivnice crofters. People also tried to look for coal in the Kopřivnice mountains. On the command of the laird Raška, miners came to find coal up from Bohemia. This is reminded of by the so-called "Havířské ďury" (pitmen' holes) - remnants of pits and heaps that they left behind.