The crossroads of witches (Kopřivnice)

The crossroads of witches

The crossroads of witches (438 MAMSL) - Long ago, when people still believed in witches, the crossroads of five forest trails received its name. It is said that once a year witches had a Sabbat gathering here. They performed their magical rites, danced and sang ungodly songs in the moonlight. They gathered the strength for another year of witchcraft. Nowadays, on summer nights you can hear only songs of mosquitoes and croaking frogs from a large castle pond.

Castle Pond

It's not common that a castle on a hill is protected by a pond. The castle pond near Šostýn was therefore a real curiosity. It was the highest lake in the district. It primarily served as a source of water and also served for fish farming. The former castle fountain used to be close by. It fed a small catchment pond during the inhabitation of Šostýn Castle and complemented a large castle pond. The castle pond was restored in 1999 and due to this fact the rain water flows from there more slowly. The pond serves as a living space for amphibians, aquatic insects and birds.