Janíkovo sedlo (Janík's Saddle) (Kopřivnice)

Janík's Saddle (493 MAMSL) is the highest point of Janík's Valley. The meadows on the saddle and on the slopes of Red Stone abound with a wealth of diverse plant and animal species. Therefore they are registered as important landscape elements. Plants thrive in the local meadows. They've got plenty of moisture and nutrients, the soil here is quite moist, nourished with water from numerous strands. The limestone substrate ensures enough nutrients. The regular care of meadows is also important, especially mowing and careful cleaning of the mown mass.

The valley and the saddle were named the first archbishop gamekeeper Filip Janík, who lived with his family in the local wooden house and operated a large area from Příbor to Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem. In addition, the old lime tree is named after the former husbandman - "Janík's lime tree". This huge tree grows approximately at the middle of the road leading to his former house.