Červený kámen (Red stone) (Kopřivnice)

The top of Red stone (690 MAMSL) is the highest point of the Šostýn Hills and the Lachian nature trail. Viewed from the top of Red Stone, the whole Kopřivnice is in front of you and fluently passes over Štramberk toward the northwest. We can see Příbor in the north. In nice weather, you can see up to Ostrava and Jeseník. The ski resort is on the northern slope.

The top and especially the northern part of the massif of Red Stone were declared a significant locality of the network of protected areas - Natura 2000. Its aim is to protect animals, plants and habitat types that are, from the European point of view, the most precious, endangered, rare or limited by their occurrence in a specific area. A very well-preserved growth of ravine forests, flowery beech forests and fir-beech forests with a mosaic of meadows and calcareous rock vegetation are protected in the area of Red Stone. Rare species, such as Sword-leaved Helleborine, Perennial honesty, Bird's-nest Orchid, Orchis mascula, Pale-flowered Orchid, Veronica, etc. grow in them.