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Beskydy Card


Ukázka některých fotografií ze soutěže o nejlepší fotografie z Lašské brány Beskyd 2010.




Štramberk ears

Traditional pastries of gingerbread type are flavoured with honey and a special mixture of spices – a secret no baker reveals. "Štramberk ears" are the first Czech product protected by the geographic marking of the EU, and that is why they can be baked only in Štramberk.


 Štramberk ears


Příborské šifle

In the past šifle used to be a common type of gingerbread pastry. They have lasted until now in the form of Příbor speciality. They are baked in the form of a rectangle with marked squares for breaking off according to the recipe from the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to a large portion of honey they will really melt in your mouth.


Příborská freudovka and Freud's vice

In honour of the Příbor native Sigmund Freud they produce chocolate cigars called "Freud's Vice". The delicacy is made of a spicy dark chocolate flavored gently with chili or pepper. Herbal liqueur Příborská freudovka is manufactured according to an old recipe of the liqueur factory, which was founded in Příbor around 1890. One of the first tasters was the old Jákob Freud, Sigmund Freud's father.


Herbal liqueur Příborská freudovka


Hukvaldy pies and Sklenov pretzels

In Hukvaldy the delicious smell will make you want to try their traditional pies – would you like a cheesecake, poppy-seeded, pear or blueberry one? Sklenov pretzels have been baked here since 17th century. Emigrants to America proved their quality, because the pretzels were the only food, which did not go mouldy during their overseas voyage.

Sklenov pretzels


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